Hitting the Links Again After Hip Surgery

Pete Dixon has lived most of his life in Brookhaven. After retiring in 1986 from a career in education, progressing through the school system from teacher to administrator to Principal, he worked another 20 years around the public golf course and campus of Copiah-Lincoln Community College. He has always enjoyed having an active lifestyle.

"I've always gotten my exercise — working gardens or through sports," says Pete. "I like to play golf and coached for many years. All kinds of ball games have been a part of our life because we have two boys, and they played a lot of ball."

When Pete began having back pain, he visited his family physician and was referred to a specialist. A spur on his third vertebra was causing serious damage. Within two weeks, Pete had his first back surgery in Jackson. After surgery, the surgeon told him to "walk, walk, walk."

"So I did. But the more I walked the worse I hurt. I thought it was my knee," says Pete.

By that time, Mark Barron, MD, an orthopaedic and spinal surgeon, had moved to Brookhaven.

Relieving Pete's Pain

"The second time I went to him, he said, 'I don't think you have a knee problem. I think you have a hip problem,'" recalls Pete. "He does have arthritis in his knee, but the issue was referred pain coming from his hip into his front thigh and knee," says Dr. Barron, who practices at KDMC Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic & Spine Clinic.

"I sat down with him and discussed our options. He tried therapy, injections, medication, and it wasn't doing the trick. The next thing to discuss was a hip replacement. I discussed the risks and benefits of surgery — and Mr. Dixon decided his pain and quality of life were at a point that he decided to have his hip replaced." continued Dr. Barron.

Pete had hip replacement surgery in November 2015.

"He did well with hip replacement," says Dr. Barron. "The procedure doesn't keep patients down long. They can get up immediately with a therapist and start walking. There have been a lot of advancements in recent years with the technology used, and the replacements are more durable and lasting longer."

"I'm getting around fine," says Pete, who turned 82 in February. "The hip replacement took away my knee pain. I'm able to do most anything, except run and jump, but I can play golf again. I played two days this week!"

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